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CB Greenbox 20 Nm weir automation

CB GREENBOX makes water level management easy



With the new CB Greenbox, small and medium size weirs can be managed on-line without being connected to the mains. The Greenbox is solar powered, a GPRS connection senses existing waterlevels, and automatically adjusts the weir to set the correct level.

The operational parts are all housed in the compact CB Greenbox, with a flange and coupling connecting it to the weir. This makes it easy to fit the CB Greenbox to new and existing weirs.

There is no requirement for any civil engineering works i.e. foundation for mast, as the
CB Greenbox only weighs 13kgs and can be installed and operational within 1 hour, with a minimum of investment.

Not only is the CB Greenbox cheap and easy to fit, other savings are made in not requiring a foundation, mast, control panel or external batteries, it is also very unobtrusive, making it less susceptible to vandalism, and also reduces the visual impact on the area.


The CB Greenbox is from various perspectives very eco-friendly



The CB Greenboxes can be managed from the office in a more cost- and time effective manner compared to having to go to site. Especially where the equipment is inaccessible at certain parts of the year.
In the long run, this will also save further cost in man-hours and mileage.

Besides the efficiency savings, the reaction time is far quicker and therefore the target levels are easier to achieve.




The CB Greenbox can be operated in 2 ways.

- Online by using www.cb-log.nl. This is ideal for the organisations who have no access yet  to a surface water management platform (SCADA) and for (test) situations where intergration with an existing management platform is currently not desirable. The manager is able to access the CB Greenboxes direct through the CB Portal.

- The second option is to intergrate the Greenboxes with the surface water management plan of the land drainage authority. In this way the CB Greenboxes will be managed in conjuntion with other control measures within the organisation. As soon a driver is set up, the SCADA will get direct access to the database with information about the CB Greenboxes and other CB solutions that are made available to the user.

Remote locations which up to now were never considered for automation could now also be remote controled.


Main Characteristics:

  • Operation torque up to 20 Nm
  • Compact
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Low energy consumption
  • Cost efficient in purchase and operation
  • Light in weight


Technical description: CB-GB 20-1-010:



Panel: Stainless steel box in which all components are housed
Painted in green RAL 6005

Total weight:

exclusive of batteries13 kg


400 x 410 x 190 mm (BxLxH)

Tamper-switch included

Gas-strut is mounted to open and close the panel safely

Panel is suited for use of a standard pad-lock

Drive: 24Volt 0.2A (without torque) & 1.0A (maximum drive requirement)
Suitable for continuous use (S1)
Revolutions per minute 6.5 R.P.M.
Infinite adjustable from 1Nm up to 20Nm
Electronic revolution counter
Simple mechanic adjustable end contact switches (up/down)
Manual over-ride operation available


In general remote

Local operation with up/down Push buttons

Aerial: GPRS aerial mounted on to the panel

Standard 2 x 12V12Ah (connected in series)
optional (within panel) to extend to6 x 12V12Ah

weight per battery ± 5 kg

Level sensors:

2 x ultrasound level sensor which could be mounted up to

15 m from the Greenbox


24 Volt panel

mounted on to the panel generating 20 Wp in power


CB Flevoland reserves the right to modify the design without prior notification.


More info:


CB Flevoland B.V.    

tel: +31 (0)321 328 441

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.